GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Online has been affected by modders, making inroads into the public sessions. This not only affects the players who joins such an infected public session, but they will also be carrying it over to the next session they join in GTA 5 Online.

It has been noticed that some modders have created a crazy garage infection that will destroy your cars when entered, it will also kill the player too.

YouTuber, DomisLive was witness to this destructive mod when he entered a public session in GTA 5 Online. As his character entered the garage, the cars suddenly started exploding and melting and his character was blown away and killed.

So, once players enter an infected modded session, they pass this infection to the other session too if they enter a new one. The infection passes this way.

Players will not be able to get any cars out of their garages with such infections.

How to Remove the Infection Mod from Console?

Go to Settings > System > Storage > Hover over the Hard Drive and Press 'Y' button > it goes to Device Option > here head to Clear System Cache and click it > Say "Yes" on the pop up menu

This will clear the cache in your system and this will remove the infection and it will not be passed onto others either.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)

How to Revive GTA 5 from Stagnation?

GTA 5 players are hooked on to GTA 5 Online as it offers them a lot of possibilities of making money apart from the fact that you can play it with friends. However, it is also true that many are players are moving to other games after the Flight School update rolled out, many were not impressed with the DLC.

Tipster and YouTuber DomisLive has released a new video that discusses the reasons and tries to find out what can Rockstar do to revive GTA 5 Online.

DomisLive feels that GTA 5 Online is dying but also believes that Rockstar can reverse this trend by giving players more downloadable content (DLC). He says that currently the game is stagnant and Rockstar's Flight School update crushed the hopes of many fans as they were expecting "a lotta things." He adds that as a general notion fans did not want the Flight School update, though some wanted it.

So what's wrong with the Flight School update? He argues that one of the main reasons for players to stay away from this DLC was its price, as players had to have $8 million in GTA money in order to purchase all the items in the Flight School update. Many fans who play it daily have felt that it was too expensive for them, he says on the video.

Nevertheless, the key for Rockstar to review the game is to release new DLC, but it has to be good unlike the Flight School update. He goes on to argue that Rockstar has to roll out a big DLC like Heists DLC, Casino DLC, Zombies DLC that will keep players hooked on to the game. He also added that Rockstar must see to it that players get DLCs at regular intervals or else they might move over to other games like FIFA 15 Demo or Destiny.

Another argument he makes is, if Rockstar is distracted as it is also working on the release of next-generation version, which is slated to release "very soon."

He added that Rockstar makes it a point to give players new jobs, races and weekend events when a new DLC comes, these will no doubt help in getting players hooked to the game but if players want to play with friends, it has to bring new DLCs, especially like Heists that will bring "thrill" back into the game.