GTA Online
GTA Online gets Independence Day themed

Rockstar had recently unveiled a new Independence Day downloadable content (DLC) for its popular GTA 5's multiplayer, GTA Online.

The new content that was released ahead of the U.S. Independence Day on 4 July had promised weekend special event that would bringing in more money and discounts for the players. The Independence Day DLC would usher in new content like fireworks, Made in USA t-shirts, motorcycle and monster truck.

Rockstar's Independence Day Event Weekend will be held from 3 July to 6 July. Below are the some of the things that is being offered that will help players cash in on it, said the post on Newswire.

Double GTA Money and Double RP

Players who participate in the newly created Independence Day Special Event Playlist (Rockstar created Jobs) will be able to score Double GTA money and Double RP.

How to Access: GTA Online Start Menu> Online > Playlists > Independence Day Event OR click the Event button on GTA 5 loading screens, this will take players straight away to the Playlist.


As a part of the Event, Merryweather Security is offering 75 percent discount on Airstrikes all weekend.

Ammu-Nation is offering 25 percent off ammo for RPGs, Grenade Launchers and Miniguns.

Free Pegasus Deliveries

All oversized vehicle deliveries in-game will not be charged by Pegasus Lifestyle Management.

Snapmatic Contest

The Weekend Event will also mean players will be able to share their creative and patriotic pictures and win "GTA$1M and an AMERICA vanity license plate for your in-game vehicle."


If lucky, players might also get these five exclusive price packs as a part of the Independence Day Gear Giveaway Sweepstakes. They are - GTA 4 Aluminum Bat, Patriot Beer cup, GTA 4 foam finger, Statue of Happiness figurine, plus a GTA 5 Los Santos Lifeguard tee and a Vice City beach ball.

Unlimited RP Glitches after Update 1.15

Even after the recent update 1.15 that was released, some of the players have managed to discover some of the glitches in the game.

YouTube user, Violate has posted a video detailing the money glitch in GTA 5 after update 1.15. In order to make fast money and duplicate the vehicle, players will have to get one of their vehicles impounded (use the Sovereign bike). Once this is done, head to your garage and invite your friends too.

Once in garage, select the car which has to be duplicated. Player must be behind the wheel and let your friend sit in the passenger seat.

Now hold down the D-Pad and wait for single player characters to turn up. Keep repeating the process of holding down the D-Pad.

Just before the single player characters might come up accelerate forward. Now you will get a quick screen that asks you to confirm your garage exit, since your car has been impounded. Now click A and B at the same time and a black screen will show up. Try to set the single player character by holding down the D-Pad and go to a single player character, press B - hold down D-Pad and go to a single player character and press B.

If this is done correctly, players will see a Quick screen. Now press the B button and you will be back into your garage. Now exile the vehicle. Because of another glitch, your friend will become invisible and they will become the driver.

Now go to the blue circle in the garage and select the car and replace it for with a rebel. Now go to the original vehicle that was already in and get inside it. Now hold down select and say Empty Personal Vehicle option. This will make your friend leave the car and gets you in the driver's seat.

Now drive the vehicle out. You will be told that your vehicle has been impounded, now click A and just drive out to Los Santos Customs. Now sell your vehicle for a good price.

(YouTube Courtesy: Violate)

Heists and Hydra Attack Helicopter DLC

YouTube user, has revealed information on Heists and a new Hydra Attack Helicopter DLC. The news comes from a hacker, who went though the source code in order to get this information out.

It revealed that players will have to pay in order to play Heists. Some of key words in the source code reveal words like expenses, heist, cost and percentage.

This could mean that there might be a small entry fee of $100 GTA money to play the mission, similar feature has been existing in PayDay 2 gameplay too.

Another feature that Heists may see are medals - gold, silver and bronze are all present in the source code.

The game might also see a new single-player DLC titled Flight School. The source code mentions of Flight School vehicle Hydra. Other vehicles mentioned in the source code were Besra, Miljet and Coquete 2.

Also players might also get player kit for the flight school that will be possibly rolling out different colors of parachutes and chute bags will be coming in navy, yellow, pink, orange, yellow, green, teal, pink and red.