GTA 5 Online: Heists Cheats and Codes For Weapons, Health, Armor and Invincibility
GTA 5 Online Heists: Cheats To Give Weapons, Take Super Jump, Maximize Health and MoreRockstar Newswire

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists had a rocky start but the game publisher has finally addressed the pressing concerns with the server glitches and character changing gender issues. Players have now started cracking codes and cheats for the title to get higher scores and ranks. Only a few cheats are currently available for players to try out in the game that can actually get you ahead of other players.

According to a report in Science Times, few codes can help players in many ways such as give out weapons and ammo, take a longer swing in a jump, get invincible or even maximize armour and health. These codes work similar to the other cheats in prior GTA games and require gamers to be swift in entering them on the gamepad.

Try these codes below:

Give Weapons and Ammo- (TRIANGLE) (R2) (LEFT) (L1) (X) (RIGHT) (TRIANGLE) (DOWN) (SQUARE) (L1) (L1) (L1)


Get Invincible- (RIGHT) (X) (RIGHT) (LEFT) (RIGHT) (R1) (RIGHT) (LEFT) (X) (TRIANGLE)

Maximize Armor and Health- (CIRCLE) (L1) (TRIANGLE) (R2) (X) (SQUARE) (CIRCLE) (RIGHT) (SQUARE) (L1) (L1) (L1)

Separately, a game-play video by YouTube user Shady Gamers showed how players can take advantage of a Solo Money Glitch after downloading Heist DLC 1.23. It's a simple trick where players can pimp their ride with minimal changes and re-sell it with a good amount of cash in your account. The glitch will work only till a patch is released.

Try these cheats while we keep an eye out for more codes. We'll keep you updated with new information as and when it is available.