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Will Rockstar release a Halloween themed DLC for GTA 5 Online?Facebook

Irrespective of the fact that Rockstar recently released Freemode Events DLC for GTA 5 Online and gamers are still hooked on to the various events in it, some fans have started wishing that the developer will not disappoint them for the upcoming Halloween (31 October). They are asking for a new Halloween DLC.

YouTuber and GTA 5 tipster, MrBossFTW is hot on trail of a possible Halloween DLC for GTA 5 Online.

After the release of GTA 5, Rockstar came out with a Halloween weekend of double RPs and double GTA money in 2014, but did not release any DLC for Halloween. But 2015 is likely to see some new update for Halloween.

The studio had said on different occasions that it wants to continue doing Holiday themed DLCs, and recently, it had stated in the comments page of an official post that it was "working on more vehicles among other things for players to collect for future updates."

In the event of Rockstar coming out with a DLC, it will be the first time it rolls out a Halloween themed DLC.

Below is a wish list from the MrBossFTW on what could be part of the Halloween DLC in case they release one:

Scary mask options – Marvel and DC Comics masks, or from the Scary Movie can be fun and inspiring.

Tattoos – Addition of various tribal tattoos.

Weapons – Adding scythe is one cool option, and it could be used as a melee weapons. Another weapon that could be added is a revolver.

Vehicles – Adding Romero Hearse in GTA 5 will give it a Halloween effect. Rockstar must allow vehicles to be given a Halloween look with necessary additions in the Los Santos Customs.

Clothing – Dark and scary clothing (ghosts, pumpkins scary faces) and matching up with horror accessories. Add some cheap clothing.

Guide to Change Gender of a Character in GTA 5 Online

YouTuber, MrBossFTW has revealed that Rockstar has corrected some of the modified accounts that had a large number of snacks, unlimited bullets, RPs, cash, armour and so on. He said that Rockstar have added a new line of code that prevents them from accessing this.

Rockstar will get a notification from the modified accounts if players try to do anything that is considered as 'cheating or hacking' in the game. The anti-cheater protocols have been implemented in GTA 5 Online.

Following the Freemode Events update, moderators can now ban, mute, freeze, kick and modify player in game stats. It has also allowed moderators to lift temporary ban and ability to change gender once.

Changing Gender in GTA 5

GTA 5 Online has no plastic surgeon and players do not get to change it whenever they want it. The only time they can change is when players are creating a new account.

Now, the game will allow players to change genders for one-time by sending a request to the moderator.