GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online might get Halloween DLC.Facebook

If what the tipsters are saying turn out to be true, then Rockstar might be getting ready to drop a new Halloween DLC.

The players can expect to see Halloween Jobs, Halloween masks, Halloween vehicles, Blackout, Zombies and many more things.

The information comes from a trusted GTA tipster, Funmw2. Taking a cue from this, YouTube user MrBossFTW has posted videos about the same.

It was believed that GTA 5 Online will be getting a new Blackout feature but Funmw2 said in a post that Blackout is not coming to GTA Online freemode, but it will for the Slasher Adversary mode.

To another question, he said Blackout will be the same as "Heists EMP, disable city lights and car lights ..etc"

The Slasher Adversary mode will let the players see with only a flash light. It is believed that this flash light will be the only weapon that will help us with visibility when it is pitch dark.

So on Halloween, Los Santos could go into a Blackout and the players might have to defend themselves with only a flash light. This can be scary.

MrBossFTW shows some images of what seems to be from the Halloween DLC. The images show lights all gone out throughout the city and a kind of haze descending upon it.

On the Halloween vehicles front, two new rumoured vehicles include Franken Stange (btype2) and Lurcher.

The video also goes on to give reason why double clutch feature was removed from GTA 5 because "the handling of the Lowriders conflicted with the transmission."

Another video from MrBossFTW quotes from CrewBoss's tweet saying Flash light will cost the players $14,500 GTA money. It also reveals a possible 'ammo' file, suggesting that Flash light could stop working. The ammo will cost $100.

On the Halloween masks front, we know from the Yan2295's tweet below that there could be 13 masks. And, MrBossFTW adds that there could be three varieties of each mask that will be 36 Halloween masks. Rumour has it that these masks cost $20,000-$30,000.

MrBossFTW reveals that the players can use the Flash light to hit their enemies.

Also, Crew Boss notes that if the players want both masks and cars, then it could roughly cost them $2,400,000 GTA money.

Another feature that could come is Zombies thanks to audio files that have been leaked. It could be NPCs turning into Zombies or it could be featured in a Job where players might face waves of Zombies.

Twitter user, Yan2295 revealed that Rockstar has a new hotfix that will not allow players to use Halloween vehicles and masks early. It has also fixed using weapons in passive mode.

Rockstar Games Funz has revealed via tweet that there is a new car duplication tracking system that is being implemented by Rockstar. He further explains that Rockstar will now be able to track players who are duplicating the cars by using exploits or glitches.

Check out the tweets below to have an idea of what to expect for Halloween DLC. Remember, Rockstar has not revealed anything through its official channels yet.