After Rockstar's release of the Freemode Events update for GTA 5 Online, a weekend event bonus followed. Though the new update brought up a lot of new events for GTA 5 Online players, data mining has revealed more.

The weekend bonus gave fans much-needed discounts on vehicles, weapons, items and more.

Tipsters like Funmw2 had recently found some new characters who might be introduced in the future updates in GTA 5 Online.

Here are a few guides and leaked items (courtesy GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW):

Guide to wearing Helmet, Glasses and Masks simultaneously

According to the YouTuber, Rockstar had recently patched these in the Freemode Events update and the players were reportedly unable to stack them upon each other like they previously used to.

What do players need?

High-end apartment that is the only pre-requisite. The players can now keep the Masks section in the Accessories "ON" and choose the mask of their choice.

Then, they can go near the telescope and at the same time pull out their in-game cell phone. Go to Quick Job > Play Random Job > Play Alone.

Then, go to Job List and accept any Random Job that comes along. After accepting the Job, hold the telescope and zoom-in and look into it for the next 30 odd seconds.

Keep looking around till you get the downloading message in bottom right-hand corner, which will take you into a lobby and the players will need to back out and quit.

And when you quit, the players will view from the opposite end of the telescope. Now, open the interaction menu, head to Accessories and choose the hat, helmet and glasses you want. Note that the mask will appear once players exit from the telescope.

Wait for about five seconds, the mask will appear. It looks totally radical-like and funny.

Next, save the outfit in the Edit Saved Outfit list. Also note that if the players drink the green juice that they find in the apartment, everything will disappear, only to appear but without the helmet.

QnA sessions reveal more on Community wants of 'perect' DLC, Lowriders and more

GTA 5 fans have put some questions to YouTuber MrBossFTW in his QnA session, where he answers them all.

To a question about what the GTA community looks for in a 'perfect' DLC, he replies mentioning the following things that can be considered:

  • Good patch notes with fixes and many changes.
  • New content includes weapons, clothing, collectible collections.
  • Something 'game changing' and brand new.
  • New mansions, casinos

Another fan asked if this was the worst DLC, but one thing that the players must see is that this was a free update and it was neither bad nor good either.

The best Freemode Event, according to him, was 'Penned In', 'Criminal Damage' and 'Hunt the Beast'.

To a question on the previously rumoured stories of 12 vehicles coming with the supposed Low Rider DLC, the YouTuber answers that he also doesn't know what happened to them. But, the players did find the coding for the Low Rider update and for the 12 leaked cars.

Leaked audio Reveals 'Clucking Bell' heist and more

MrBossFTW has revealed about a GTA Forum member finding some leaked audio files that suggest that GTA 5 Online will possibly get a 'Clucking Bell' heist and possibly some new areas in the game.

DM98X Konado found a heist mission at the Clucking Bell processing facility, near Paleto Bay. This heist mission was not included in the game and Rockstar might have kept it for future update, but it is not likely to happen in any upcoming update for the game.

Another GTA 5 fan has found audio files in police scanners in-game. In a single player, during the police chase, the players can hear the cops say that they want to run away in a sports car or a super car.

Here, the cops are seen describing two new locations. But, it is not known if these locations will be introduced at a later date. One of them is in the Majestic County units and Venturo County. The YouTuber comes to the conclusion that this could be beta names.

Hidden Features, Spawn Locations and more

MrBossFTW has revealed that the Freemode Events update has some secrets hidden in it. The video shows some of the new images, one showing Trevor wearing construction helmet and protection glasses and the background is of the docks near a bridge looking like the Golden Gate with huge cargo containers.

Next is Steve Haines near the Oriental theatre, then there is Devin Weston with his security and just out of gym look near his mansion garage. Next one is Lazlow who is staring at some pretty women walking into a theatre.

New Anti-Cheat System is now in Place?

Rockstar has reportedly released a new anti-cheat system to GTA 5 Online following the Freemode Events update.

This was put up by a member of GTA Forums. The posts consists of a supposed letter from Rockstar in which it goes on to say that the anti-cheat system has been overhauled and will now include real-time memory and directory scanning. It will also be using advanced client-side and server-sided checks that will validate the network requests.

So, this means that Rockstar is checking for any cheaters in the game and regularly making corrections.

This is likely to affect all the platforms that GTA 5 is on.