GTA 5 Online recently received a new Lowriders DLC. But some players are complaining that there are less number of Lowriders in the Story mode.

A Redditor, turnoffthenews discovered a way to try out the customised Lowriders in Creator mode without having to buy it.

Players need to go to the Creator mode and these custom lowriders can be placed on any vehicle. This can be found in the Muscle category. The Primo however, is placed in the Sedans category.

Players will have to test run by putting them in a Deathmatch, Capture or LTS. Players will need to put things like starting points first.

The Redditor recommends Capture since there is no enemy AIs and players will be able to drive around the place in cars with freedom.

He notes that these are these are all "Upgraded 'Custom' versions" where players will not be able to place any performance mods on them. Apart from that, they can place any customisation. These come upgraded with hydraulics of the highest level.

So this is a good way to get the car's feel from Lowriders before any player spends his in-game money on them.