Dewbauchee Seven-70 sports class vehicle was recently added to
Dewbauchee Seven-70 sports class vehicle was recently added to Twitter/RockstarGames

Players of the popular video game from Rockstar Games, "GTA 5 Online," have discovered a new glitch that lets them duplicate their car.

The glitch surfaced even as Rockstar recently added new content that included a new race car and new locations for Power Play mode.

Players must be pre-warned about going ahead with the glitch since Rockstar is known to take action on players exploiting glitches.

The glitch in question is "strange" and works only in "certain lobbies." In the event it does not work, players are advised to retry it in another lobby, according to Reddit user, GordieDGondola. The glitch works in a public session and with the buffalo. The discovery of the glitch is credited to DctrWoolyNipples on Se7ensins.

Reddit user has shared a step-by-step process of how to capitalise on the car duplication glitch:

Here is the list of requirements –

  • 2 players
  • A Gerald or Ron mission
  • Buffalo
  • Car should not have a tracker on it
  • Both the players must go to hide options in the interaction menu and choose jobs and set it to custom.
  • Both players must set spawn location to last location
  • Do not upgrade the car on the first try, as they might not have enough time. Focus must be on getting it to work and only then should they try it by upgrading the car.

Here is the step-by-step process of getting the glitch to work:

  • Go to a public lobby (might work if it is an invite only)
  • Find a buffalo
  • Upgrade it as much as you want. Don't put a tracker on it or it won't work.
  • Both players must get in the car. The driver must be the one who is duplicating and the friend who is helping must be the passenger.
  • Drive over the high overheads parachuting blue circle in the parking lot of Los Santos Customs in the centre of Los Santos.
  • The driver must start a Ron or Gerald mission, right after starting the mission the passenger must get out of the car and spam right on the D-pad and stay in the lobby until the driver says to leave.
  • Right when the driver enters the lobby of the Gerald or Ron mission they must back out right away.
  • The vehicle should still be in the blue circle and the driver needs to enter the car and then get out and spam right on the D-pad. As the driver gets out of the car they must tell the friend to leave the mission lobby screen.
  • The friend needs to enter the car and drive to the entrance of the parking lot farthest from the blue circle.
  • When the driver is loaded into the mission lobby screen they must confirm settings and invite the friend.
  • Now the driver must leave the lobby about a quarter of a second before the friend accepts the invite on their phone.
  • The driver will spawn back in and needs to stand still for 3-6 seconds.
  • After that there should be one of the cars near you. Just look around the area, it normally spawns behind the wall, along the little ramp, along the road near the entrance or just right behind you. And then there should also be the car the friend drove over to the entrance.
  • One of the cars can be sold, the other can't (just drive it into the car shop and if there is no sell option then that is the glitched one). You can either sell the one or store it in your garage.
  • Now just do this over again with the car that doesn't have the sell option in order to get another one that can be sold. Each time this glitch is done it will give you one that can and can't be sold.

Meanwhile, another Reddit user, Nick676 revealed a pacific standard heist finale glitch that lets players get $250,000 GTA money (20 percent cut) every 20 minutes. Players have to go to and message someone who needs filler.