GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Speculations have already started rolling out for the next update 1.18 for GTA 5 Online that is likely to bring in either Halloween DLC or Army DLC as a part of the update. We will also be looking at some of the Epic Jobs, rare police riot van and other rare DLC unlocks and exclusives in GTA 5 Online.

YouTuber DomisLive has speculated that a new DLC is in the offing for GTA 5 Online via update 1.18. He argues that Rockstar has previously released two DLCs in a month, especially the 'I am not a Hipster' update, which was a regular DLC and 'Independence Day' update, which was a seasonal holiday DLC. So if we can take these into consideration then we will be getting another update this month after the Last Team Standing update.

DomisLive argues that with the upcoming Halloween on 31 October, Rockstar could release a Halloween DLC which has been a fan favourite. He also speculates if Rockstar can give a range of limited-time costumes and find Easter eggs where they might get ammunitions instead of candies.

Another DLC that the company could be interested is the Army DLC. Since 11 November is Veterans Day, the company could be working on an Army DLC. This DLC could introduce the Hydra jet and the Attack Helicopter that is being tipped to be included in the game.

Fans are wishing that the Halloween DLC will bring costumes and masks of skeletons, scarecrows, pumpkins, werewolves, vampires and zombies. They also expect Rockstar release some cool weapons targeted for Halloween.

Is the Leaked Heist DLC Image Fake?

A leaked image, purportedly of the menu in Heists DLC shows the alleged Heists printer. The image also reveals 'Request Heist Job' for 10,000 GTA money. However, DomisLive believes that this is a fake image. He argues that one of the leaked image shows the character in a Heist Job but in fact he is in the lobby since that is the only time players get the blips on the mini map and the message from Lester.

Rare Police Riot Van

The rare police riot van in GTA 5 Online will be spawning at different locations after update 1.17. Below are the locations shared by DomisLive:

  • Vespucci canals
  • Paleto Bay
  • Sandy Shores, right next to the hospital

Previously, there was just one spawn point, but Rockstar added a few more.