Popular video game "GTA 5 Online" is not only known for its unique gameplay but also for the glitches that have affected gameplay. A new glitch video has been posted online by YouTube user Rover Gaming.

The video claimed players would be able to make $3,000 in GTA money in a matter of 20 seconds. But in order to do that, players will have to follow the steps taken by the YouTube user.

Here is the step-by-step process to make use of the glitch:

  • Players will have to head to the store that is marked in the video, but make sure in the Interaction Menu that the Spawn Location is set to Last Location. Also make sure to equip the character with a machine gun.
  • Enter the Supermarket that was marked, with the gun in hand. Players must make sure that the protagonist already has one wanted level star as getting two stars is essential to the glitch to work perfectly.
  • After entering it, make sure that the player intimidates the shopkeeper, shoots at the items displayed and that the shopkeeper is killed too. This might ensure a three-starred wanted level, as it is important for players to make the glitch work.
  • Next, turn around and run to the corner shown in the video, click Stop button, and go Online to start a new session. Players will spawn into a new session, and also, the in-game cops would not bother players as soon as they spawn in. Players would have noticed that they earned $3000 GTA money in about 20 seconds and their wanted level has been reset too.
  • Players would be spawning to the last location near the Supermarket. They can continue the same method repeatedly, thus letting them earn unlimited money easily, thanks to the money method glitch.

[Note: Rockstar Games is known to take action against players using glitches and cheating in-game. IBTimes India advises players to proceed with caution.]