GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Reports have been surfacing accusing the newly created Rape mod on GTA 5 Online as going out of bounds as players are terrified that their in-game characters being attacked by some naked characters that virtually lock themselves on to the other players.

Though most of the mods on GTA 5 Online are creative and fun, the latest mod hinges on making other players unpleasant, leaving others terrified.

Kotaku reported that players are able manipulate others to do specific things and these are done with the usage of the special menu. Using mods players can change their character models to anything they want like the mods here.

The report also recounts the experience of one of the player who had to face this unpleasant scene where the mod will not only attack the player but will also make you do strip dances for them with invisible poles.

It is frustrating for players when the mods have the ability to skin their in-game characters models making some go pantless. The Rape mod is combined with the God mod making such players invincible. Such players cannot be hurt or killed when in action.

Meanwhile, another insulting but of not as graphic as the Rape mod that has infected many players is that they have found themselves blocked in their garages with huge dumpsters. This is also the handiwork of some modders, reported Latin Times. This has blocked many players from returning to the map leading them to kill themselves in order to spawn outside. But even moving to a different lobby has not resolved the issue of the blocked garages.

Rockstar Fails to Comment

After the Rape mod surfaced many media outlets have contacted Rockstar, the developer of the action-adventure game, GTA 5 Online for comments. But Rockstar has not made any comments on the accusations that many of them are being raped in-game by unknown characters, VGN reported.

Rockstar Might Ban Such Players

Rockstar has not been hesitant to resolve these issues either by banning players for using cheats in the game or for abusing others in-game. Recently, players who hosted modded lobbies were banned by the developer.

Below are some of the videos posted by YouTubers showing the graphic material in the new Rape mod. Sensitive readers are advised caution before they play the videos.

(YouTube Courtesy: Chr0m3xMoDz)

(YouTube Courtesy: Chr0m3xMoDz)

(YouTube Courtesy: XeX Bunny)