GTA 5 Online is one of the most popular video games from Rockstar and it recently received some new DLC updates, like Executives and Other Criminals and Festive Surprise 2015.

Adding to these, Rockstar revealed on its Newswire about a new Festive Surprise Christmas Bonus, that will see Beast vs. Slasher, an "intense" new Adversary Mode for GTA Online.

In Beast vs. Slasher Adversary Mode, there will be a team of Beasts with superhuman abilities (wild speed, ability to leap over building, and temporary invisibility) dodging the Slashers, who will be pursuing them.

The Slasher team will have three sub-teams (Demolition, Heavy and Assault armed with RPGs, Miniguns and Railguns). Along with this, Slasher team will get thermal visions that will be handy to hunt the invisible Beasts.

These teams will support 4-10 players, who must work with the teammates if they have to triumph. This mode is applicable only to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Festive Surprise Christmas Bonus also adds snowfall and this will be applicable to PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. This will allow players to start snowball fight with their friends. Players can press left on the D-pad to collect up to 9 snowballs that will be help them to down the other characters with snow attacks.

Rockstar is also offering Fireworks Launcher with five rockets as a bonus. It has also asked players to look under the tree when they log in to the GTA 5 Online on Christmas Day.

GTA tipster Funmw2 had recently revealed that GTA 5 Online players will be getting Green Check Pajamas, Red Check Pajamas, Black Check Pajamas, Abominable Snowman Mask in the event weekend. It is suspected that these might be some of the things that are included in the Christmas gift.

Apart from the things above, the company has also added a new Declasse Tampa muscle car, which will be available permanently in GTA 5 Online for PC, PS4 and Xbox On. Players will have to shell out $375,000 GTA money for the new car.