Rockstar, the creators of GTA 5 Online, have announced new clothes and accessories, titled Festive Surprise 2015, for the game's PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The players will be treated to holiday treats featuring some new collection that will be for free.

Detailing the content for Festive Surprise 2015, it revealed that GTA 5 Online will get the following things (Newswire):

  • New Santa outfits and a new collection of snug Pajamas
  • Masks featuring Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Bad Elf, Crazy Gingerbread, Festive Luchador and more
  • 3 Christmas themed Car Horns
  • Christmas Trees at Legion Square and in all owned Apartments, Stilt Houses and Yachts

It went on to mention that all the festive attire that was available in the past will also be made available to GTA 5 Online players, this will be for players from all the platforms. It will be inclusive of Masks, Clothes and more from 2014 and 2013.

During the Holidays, GTA 5 Online gamers will also get special gifts on all platforms. It hinted that the special gift could include snowball fights and more additions to Adversary Modes for PC, PS4, Xbox One.

Rockstar also mentioned a new Snapmatic photo challenge where players can post their best holiday-themed Snapmatic to Social Club with the hashtag #FestiveSurprise2015. They must do this between 22 December, 2015, and 5 January, 2016.