"GTA 5 Online," the popular video game from Rockstar Games, released some new player-created Jobs from Lowriders: Custom Classics.

The post on Newswire mentioned that ever since the release of new stocks at Benny's Original Motorworks and Ammu-Nation, the members of the Social Club made use of such opportunity and have created Jobs for Sabre Turbo Custom, Minivan Custom, Compact Rifle and several others.

Here are the new Jobs:

Minivan Madness by LOL_962 (PS4): This Job will require players to take the Vapid Minivan Custom and take it to the Sandy Shores Airfield runway that features ramps, obstacles and more.

Dockside Donks by zombieninjapimp (PS4): This fan map includes weapons from Lowriders: Custom Classics, Slamvan Custom and Custom Donk. This is a Deathmatch at Elysian Fields.

Virgo Cruise by vibeaos (XB1): This Job takes players via the back streets of neighborhoods like Pillbox Hill, Strawberry and Chamberlain Hills. The players are warned of the "twists and turns" during the race.

War by Old_Vinny (PC): This is a Deathmatch Job that is set in the sand and stone of Grand Senora Desert's Stone Cement Works. This is a competitive map that has weapons from Lowriders: Custom Classics. The players are warned of sharpshooters if they are attacking from the ground.

Dirty Lowriders by UniqueAsh (PS4): This is a Point to Point race that allows players to show off their custom vehicles. The race ends at Grove Street.

Monaco Slamvan GP by -Sins- (PC): This Job is a race track that has been "painstakingly" recreated of Circuit de Monaco, which houses Monaco Grand Prix race. Any Muscle vehicle is a good bet here.

Sabre Turbo Island Cruise by darkgreenmeme (PS4): This is another racing Job that was created around the Elysian Island featuring the new Sabre Turbo Custom.

Faction Donk by leankilou33 (XB1): This is another racing Job that features a steam climb, man-made mazes in Downtown Vinewood.

Previously, Rockstar Games had promised that it will be bringing several new updates in the coming months for "GTA 5 Online."