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Rockstar has been showering GTA 5 Online players with some back-to-back double RP and double GTA money events, following its release of Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2.

This had kept fans occupied for sometime now. Though there have been rumours about the possibility of some new DLC that could supplant Ill-Gotten Gains, one suggestion that has been running around for some time is the Low Rider/Low Life DLC. Or is Rockstar working on something we do not yet know about? We can only wait and watch.

The Secrets of Fort Zancudo Military Base

One of the regular tipsters, YouTuber MrBossFTW, has shared some of the mysteries surrounding an US military base in GTA 5 Online that is located on the Lago Zancudo swamps and at the base of Mount Josiah, Blaine County.

This base is a representation of the real-life Vandenberg Air Force Base, but the tipster argues it resembles more of the Naval Base Ventura County. Both have swamps and the in-game design of the base resembles that of the Naval Base Ventura County. He has found new bits of information about the base, according to an internet article on the in-game Weazel News website (seen after the mission Blitz Play), the Zancudo base will be opening a future drone base nearby. It talks about bringing in more jobs to the area in order to fight the menace of the illegal aliens.

According to the YouTuber, this news piece indicates the possibility of drones in the future DLC updates. The illegal aliens here could mean the illegal immigrants or even "UFOs."

In GTA 5, the UFOs are things of mystery and myth. There have been many Easter eggs that have hinted on these space objects.

So apart from the UFO hint, the base has other interesting places like the training ground involved in their regular drills, a seven storey watch tower with staircase and working elevator. At the top floor players will some military offices that has a mini gun that can be used in the campaign or against your enemies.

There is also a fire station at the base that will be the first place to tend to any emergency services.

Another cool feature that was found out about it is that players will not be able to see the map of the place on the screens since it is a military base, like the real-life military bases in Google maps, it is a restricted area.

Players will also be hearing a wake-up call to the soldiers if they go up to the fence of the Fort Zancudo at 7am.

Now Fort Zancudo has its share of myths and secrets apart from the fact that it is a military airbase and there will naturally be many secrets.

Many people believe that Fort Zancudo has a lot of mystery behind it something like the Area 69 in GTA 5. Players can access Fort Zancudo

The access to Fort Zancudo is grated only in one mission – Mission Cargobob that can be done in the last heist of the game's free mode. So why will Rock star keep this huge base only for a single mission is a question that is perplexing to lot of GTA fans.

The tipster speculated that this base might be hiding Jetpacks perhaps like in the case of GTA San Andreas where the Area 69 hid Jetpacks, players had to hitch an elevator to go underground, the place hiding the Jetpacks.

Fort Zancudo too has a similar looking bunker with an elevator, but it cannot be opened unless it has been glitched.

He also mentions about a mysterious thing in the game where if players are standing on the bunker at 3am with rainy weather, players will see a UFO shooting its track beams and a green glow that spins around.

It has been speculated that this could either be an answer to the Jetpacks housed in the game or it could be a clue to solving the mystery about aliens at Mt Chilliad Easter egg.

But we cannot actually know if it is true unless substantiated by its maker, Rockstar. We hope the future update for the game might add more hints in solving these mysteries.