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New details have emerged for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) Online, the online multiplayer version of the open-world action- adventure video game from Rockstar Games that has been hugely popular and has been highly successful franchise for the company.

Recently a glitch was found in GTA 5 Online called the car transfer glitch that can allow players to turn things to their advantage.

Disclaimer: IBTimes India does not support exploits and players can be banned by Rockstar for using it for their advantage. Proceed at your own risk.

Players much first check their spawn location when they transfer their vehicle from GTA 5 to GTA 5 Online. The spawn location has to be set to 'Last Location' with the whole assortment of cars in your garage.

Next stop is the nearest Los Santos Customs, where the player has to stand in front of the Customs and pause the game. Go to 'Online' and select 'Leave GTA Online.'

 This will not take you to the game's story mode, where the player has to find the vehicle of his choice and if they want it to be customized then they have to first switch to Franklin and choosing the vehicle head to Los Santos Customs at Sandy Shores.

 The player needs to get out of the car and stand next to hit. Now pause the game and go to the invite-only session of GTA 5 Online.

This will get the player spawned to GTA 5 Online. Now get inside the car and head to Los Santos Customs. Once you have entered pause the game and head to game store.

If players want the car transfer glitch to work, as the camera is zooming out from the city - unplug the network cable from the console if you are playing on Xbox 360 and for PlayStation 3 users they have to hit the PS button on the controller and go to PlayStation Network and press the triangle on 'Account Management' so that they sign out.

When you do this, an error message is shown when the game store loads and that will automatically transfer you back to single player mode. Now head back to the vehicle that you want to get transferred into GTA Online and drive it to the closest Los Santos Customs. Players have to drive into the Customs and once the door opens, drive the car halfway through.

Now, players have to sign back to PlayStation Network if playing on PlayStation 3 and if on Xbox 360, plug the network cable that had been pulled out before. Now, pause the game and enter the invite-only session in GTA 5 Online.

If the above steps have been followed correctly, the player would have spawned in GTA Online near the Los Santos Customs. If players will go near the door they will find the car from the story mode parked under the door, halfway through.

This is certainly an amazing way to transfer your chosen vehicle from story mode to GTA 5 Online. The cars that have been transferred cannot be sold but some players have found that if Franklin's car is customized with Chrome it can be sole for about $130,000, reported Gamer Headlines.

GTA 5 Online
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DLC Speculations

Fans have thronged the game forums in search of news on what Rockstar might have to offer as DLC's for 2014.

Last year, it released Beach Bum Pack that brought in various beach related vehicles, clothing and weapons. For the next DLC however, fans have speculated the following (via Reddit):

  • Car decals
  • Car under glow
  • Customizable tattoo for crews
  • Complete customization of houses - that includes choosing what they want on walls and the color of the couch.
  • A Total Apocalypse DLC - Kicked by a tidal wave in southern San Andreas or by erupting of volcano in Mt. Chilliad
  • Alien invasion DLC
GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online (Facebook)

DLC Heists, Roles Discovered in Game Files

New details have also emerged regarding the discovery of GTA Online heists, player roles and mission details in GTA 5 game files, reported Junkie Monkeys.

It revealed that a hacker under the name, "funmw2" had unearthed data regarding mechanics of the Heists and player roles.

It detailed that players who take part in the online heists can transform into following roles - attackers, bodyguards, defenders, demolition, drivers, gunmen, hackers, lookouts, pilots, runners, snipers and transporters.

The leaks from the game file also suggests that the content creator feature supports up to four teams in cooperative missions and a code that was related to the safe hacking of bank vaults was also found.

Previous leaks have suggested that there one of the heist missions will include robbery at Maze bank in the Vinewood neighborhood. A job checklist has also revealed of a hacker, a sharpshooter and a getaway driver with a fast car to escape cops.

Though Rockstar has confirmed that DLC heists will be made available for GTA Online, the dates have not been released.