GTA 5 Online recently received a Halloween DLC.Facebook

GTA 5 Online is popular among players for a reason; it has content lined up for most of the holidays. Recently, Rockstar dropped the Halloween DLC and before that was the Lowriders DLC. But, it will not stop at that, new leaks have revealed Apartment customisations DLC.

Over the past few days, many leaks related to GTA 5 Online have surfaced on various forums. Below are some of the leaks (images) that were tabulated in a video from GTA 5 tipster, MrBossFTW. These leaks came from Dragoon1010.

It might be possible that the players would be able to add the below things in the apartments (in the game):

  • Stairmaster
  • Treadmill
  • Upgraded upholstery – different colours and couch options.
  • 2 TV stand options
  • Kitchen redesigning
  • 5 bed options – include modern and simplistic
  • Other miscellaneous furniture – dining room table and so on

The players must take these reveals with a grain of salt as they have not been confirmed yet. But, previously, Rockstar had confirmed in an interview that "it had few ideas" that it was working on for future updates so as to bring some fun customisation options for apartments.

Another video from GTA 5 tipster MrBossFTW reveals more of the leaks that cover 15 supposed vehicles, weapons and many more.

There were 15 new vehicles that include a limo with a mounted minigun on the roof to take on the rivals. Others include Declasse Mamb, Schafter, Bukingham helicopter (with a laptop probably), Saber GT 2, Slam Bam 3 and Tampa.

The tipster predicts that Saber GT 2 could be part of the Lowriders part 2, due to the Lowriders livery and another is Slam Bam 3 truck.

Dragoon1010 also revealed a new Yacht with possible customisation options have been revealed. But this can be expensive than the rest of them.

Weapons include double-barrelled shotgun, AK series guns, revolver, switch blade with three different models (plain black, engraving and glossy wood finish).

New actions include a peace symbol, good bye and one showing a person is crazy.