GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

The highly successful and popular title, GTA 5 has tons of rumors that is going around the internet. Rockstar is expected to roll out either a new update 1.16 or Heists or Single Player DLC soon.

Lets now look at some of the secret location, glitches, and rumored DLCs that has surfaced online:

17 Secret Locations on GTA Online

YouTube user, TwoDynamic has posted a video that shows some secret location on GTA Online. The video not only gives out the locations of these places but also tells players how to get in them.

The Preparations: Players will have to get into GTA Online with some of their friends. But players have to get out of the session where it asks you to bet by either pressing 'B' and 'A' (for Xbox 360) or 'Circle' and 'X' (for PlayStation 3). Once players are out of the job, they have to spwan down in an online session and this must allow breaching inside the secret location or must be in the area. Each job corresponds to a secret location. Players will have to download the individual jobs if they have to go to the locations says TwoDynamic.

  • Abandoned Hospital
  • Bank Heist 2
  • FIB Building
  • Maze Bank in Blaine County
  • Section 3
  • Franklins House
  • Heist
  • Methlab Fight
  • Police Station
  • FIB- Piso 49
  • AirportUG
  • GAM3RX
  • Military Skytower
  • Trevors TC
  • Paintball Stadium
  • Michaels House
  • Humane Labs

Below are the Job playlist links for the Secret Locations:

PS3 Job Playlist:

360 Job Playlist:

New Xbox 360 Ones:

New PS3 Ones:

(YouTube Courtesy: TwoDynamic)

4 Latest Unlimited RP and Glitches

1. This Unlimited money glitch after the 1.15 patch as posted by YouTube user TrippyGlitcherHD.

  • Go to your garage with the car you want to sell
  • Let one of your friends help you with this
  • Go to Quick Job> Race > Alone> say Yes
  • Now head out of your garage and then come straight back in.
  • So the second person (the friend) should be sitting in the car.
  • Walk up to the blue beacon - go to the Adder and then click on another Elegy
  • Drive the car out and drive back in and keep doing it until you are satisfied with it or you have a full garage.
  • Now go to the Home Screen and go to the Los Santos Costumes and sell them there but save one so that this glitch can be repeated again leading to good money.

Note: Do not go over 20 million since there are chances that you might get banned.

(YouTube Courtesy: TrippyGlitcherHD)

2. This is a money glitch after the 1.15 patch and was posted by YouTube user, Pelly Trolls.

  • Create a private lobby and invite a friend.
  • Get into the garage and get into a vehicle (with your friend) that you would want to use.
  • The other player will now hit Xbox home button and go to the recent players.
  • Then join another player session but they won't be joining it and simply clicking 'join session.' This will prompt for two warnings - Leaving the session and Leaving and going to different targeting mode.
  • So once your friend is on the different targeting mode screen, he/she must stay there for some time as you take the car and head out of garage
  • But as you head out, you must turn back and and head in.
  • Let your friend stay in the car and now go and order an Elegy.
  • Players can also replace the car that is currently in the garage.
  • Now go to the blue circle and add the adder the your friend was in. Now the Elegy that you have been waiting will let you duplicate the car.
  • Now go to the car where your friend is in and hit back button> Go to interaction menu > Empty personal vehicle.
  • Now drive out and drive back in.
  • Though it would have disappeared, it will appear again.
  • Now you can drive it to Los Santos Costumes and sell it.

(YouTube Courtesy: TrippyGlitcherHD)

3. This is solo money glitch after the 1.15 patch and was posted by YouTube user, TurnTheRage.

  • Go to your dashboard and unplug the Ethernet cable.
  • Then start your game > Go to GTA Online.
  • Plug the Ethernet cable back inside and select your profile and signin
  • Now select a 'Invite only' session.
  • Pull out your phone and go and buy Elegy in Legendary Motorsports.
  • You can fill the garage with Elegys.
  • Now get the car in the Los Santos Costumes and sell it.

(YouTube Courtesy: TurnTheRage)

4. This is a video posted by Punchy Jay for making good use of a RP glitch in GTA 5.

  • Have a friend for the glitch,
  • Find an armored truck, Both friend and you must see the armored truck
  • All the time your friend needs to stay in your garage.
  • If he leaves the garage then the armored truck will not spawn
  • This will give players around 4000 RP with 16,000 cash for every 5-10 seconds.

(YouTube Courtesy: Punchy Jay)

 DLC Rumors - Heists DLC, Cops N'Crooks and Hydra

Close on the heels of rumored DLC leaks like the one on Single Player DLC for GTA 5, there have been rumors about the Heists, Cops N' Crooks and HoverCraft DLC.

YouTube user, Pelly Trolls posted a video where he spoke about the "new information" on Heists DLC. It shows a new video with a strain of source code that speaks about different "roles" in the DLC. It shows that there are roles like driver, hacker, hired gun, leader, parachutist and sniper. So this means that the roles in the Heists DLC will be clearly defined.

(YouTube Courtesy: Pelly Trolls)

YouTube user, Pelly Trolls posted a video about leaked information on new Cops N'Crooks DLC. The user however revealed that he is not sure as to which platforms (current generation or next generation) this DLC will be releasing. He says that this information is from the game's source code.

He shows up the Sprites (or the 2D icons that appear on the screen). These icons are all defined:

  1. Cop Patrol
  2. Cop Player
  3. Criminal Arrest
  4. Criminal Car Steal
  5. Criminal Drugs
  6. Criminal Holdup
  7. Criminal Pimping
  8. Criminal Player
  9. Criminal Wanted
  10. Police
  11. Police Chase
  12. Police Station

(YouTube Courtesy: Pelly Trolls)

YouTube user, Typica Gamer has posted a video that sheds some light on the Hydra DLC as it is tentatively called. The post shows some leaked information that were originally from LazyGamer and LiveSpark. The information is from the game's source code. It shows that the DLC is likely to have Pilot School lessons, where players will get vehicles like Hydra, Besra, Miljet and Coquette. Players are likely to be able to buy the Miljet and fly it. The Hydra reportedly has a vertical fly mode and it can also hover in air.

(YouTube Courtesy: Pelly Trolls)