GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Rockstar's smash hit action-adventure title, GTA 5, is rumored to get its next update, 1.16, before the end of July.

YouTube user, NoahJ456, argues in his post that 1.16 update is round the corner. He traces the time period of the various updates that were released by the company and comes up with an average time between each release. He says in the post that -

  • The Beach Bum Update came out on 19 November
  • The Creator Update came out on 10 December
  • Holiday Gifts came out on 25 December
  • Valentine's Day came out on 13 February
  • Business Update came out on 4 March
  • High Life Update came out on 13 May
  • I'm not Hipster Update came out on17 June
  • Independence Day DLC came out on 1 July

He calculates the gap between each update ranging from 48 to 14 days. So when he takes the average, the gap between two updates come to 27 days. It has been more than 27 days since the last update. So based on this premise he says that Rockstar might either make a DLC announcement or might just go ahead and release the game.

He also reminds fans how Rockstar did not inform fans about "I'm not Hipster Update" and Independence Day DLC before releasing them.

(YouTube Courtesy: NoahJ456)

NoahJ456, in another video, also says the next update, 1.16, may not be a Heists DLC, but it might be some sort of an 'I'm Not Hipster' update.

He also added that the next DLC or update will probably roll out soon after the limited-time content Independence Day DLC term expires, which is by July end.

1.16 Update - A Fan Wishlist

YouTube user, TrippyGlicherHD, released a fan wishlist giving out a list of inclusions that they want Rockstar to consider for its next 1.16 update.

1. North Yankton to be included.

2. Military-styled items like costumes, fighter jets, military aircraft etc.

3. More Helicopters like the Buzzard Attack Chopper and jets like two-seater jets.

4. Mansions and unlimited houses that can be chosen and customised. Living life on a yacht and provision for suits.

5. Crew colored rims.

6. Heists!

7. Inclusion of Night clubs or comedy clubs

8. Go Karts

9. Body-building near the beach or gym

10. Introduction of crafting tools via hunting deer etc.

(YouTube Courtesy: TrippyGlitcherHD)