GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Fans have been waiting fervently for any official news on GTA 5 Online's upcoming 1.16 Update, which has been rumoured for release soon. Rockstar has finally given confirmation that it is working on the new title but has differed on the announcement of the release date for 1.16 Update.

Rockstar, in reply to a tweet from fan who asked when the 1.16 Update will roll out, said since it is still working on the next update, no dates have been fixed and asked fans to wait for more information.

Previously, Rockstar had asked fans to stay tuned for more GTA 5 updates without providing more information. YouTuber Noah J456, in his video, takes us though the numerous replies by Rockstar that might hint why the developers have been delaying the release of the 1.16 Update. He also says that the latest tweet from Rockstar proves that they have all the files ready to go but are still working on the fixes.

(YouTube courtesy: NoahJ456)

Another popular YouTuber DomisLive also posted a video that ran all the tweets from Rockstar and even showed the tweets of the Dumpster truck that were mailed to him. Earlier, he had said that the he had some information on the GTA 5 Online Heists DLC, hinting that the content could include snipers. He also revealed player roles that included leader, parachutist, hire gun, sniper, hacker and driver.

(YouTube courtesy: DomisLive)

Another YouTuber iCrazy Teddy also claimed that he gathered information on VIP missions.

"Escort a VIP's car to a random landmark in the city then back to their hotel. Cops escort the car as they see the sights. Criminals are given the tour points and look out for the VIP. If driver dies, cops can drive and resume the tour," he said in his video.

Recently, Rockstar has been handing out bans (console suspensions) on players who have been involved in money lobby.

The 1.16 Update is rumoured and various leaks in source code suggested that it will contain not only new fixes but new content as well. It is likely that it will contain Heists, Zombie, Cops N' Crooks, Casinos, CIA and Assassination Missions. It has also been rumoured that it will bring Flight school content and will fix all the money glitches.

Rumours have also suggested that the game will be released on a Tuesday.