David Helens called the emergency services after a character in GTA 5 got shot. He told the operator that his friend was shot in the

Rumors on online forums and websites indicated that Rockstar Games was rolling out a downloadable content (DLC), North Yankton for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5).  But a user named theNGclan, who started the rumour has now conceded that the North Yankton DLC is a hoax and that he had come up with it to promote a constructive discussion on the GTA forum.

The user posted the following message in his profile page, justifying his deed. "Yes. North Yankton as a DLC was a hoax but with a good purpose. All the [GTA] V section was recently was 'GTA V SUCKS WORST GTA EVAR SA IS BETTER sh**TY DRIVING PHYSICS LOL' and 'JEYPACK (sic) FOUND IT LOL ITS REAL TRUST ME'. I wanted something to make it alive for a little bit, so I lied about the North Yankton DLC. I'm sorry. It was a bad idea and it let a lot of people down. It would be great for a mod/fanfic though. But alas, all good things come to an end."

theNGclan had earlier said that he had chanced upon clues suggesting that Rockstar was developing a new DLC. He alleged that he had found the term NY_DLC in the code of the recent update and related GTA V NY as North Yankton, as the game opens there, thesixthaxis reported.

 There is another code that suggests that Niko, the protagonist in GTA 4 might make a comeback. The code 'BS_Niko,' hints at his return and the character has also been named in one of the heist cut scenes.  

Japan Gets Toned Down Version of GTA 5

Rockstar Games has toned down the torture and sex scenes in the Japanese version of GTA 5, according to Digital Spy.

The studio took the decision to 'censor' the torture sequences and sex scenes after it created controversy when it released in October, where a NPC is tortured to extract information out of him, allowing players to use torture tools to meet the objective.

GTA 5 contains sexual scenes like a stripper showing her breasts at a strip club. However, there has been no explicit display of sex but it is often implied, Examiner reported.

GTA 5 Has Shipped More than GTA 4's Lifetime Units

Fiscal report of publisher Take-Two Interactive has indicated that it has shipped about 29 million copies of the game worldwide since its release. Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two said that GTA 5 made "unprecedented success," and also said the copies that have been shipped till now exceed that of GTA 4's lifetime units that were shipped, Polygon reported.