Rockstar has released Christmas DLC for all the four

Rockstar recently released the Christmas DLC that brings in a host of new content and features into the popular action game, GTA 5.

Special Crate Drops

Players are getting different types of T-shirts via crate drops, says YouTuber NoahJ456. He speaks about a new T-shirt that is seen in GTA 3. These are given out on special days if players play GTA Online.

Rare Special Clothing and How it Works

Players will get various things from crate drops, items like beer hats, special T-shirts and more. Many players according to NoahJ456 have been getting limited-time special edition T-shirts. 'Base 5' T-shirt in pink colour is one of these special edition T-shirts that players are getting. Then there was the 'Bobo' shirt.

In order to get these, players will have to play GTA Online during the Christmas holiday season. This is part of the festive season DLC and players will get them though the special crate drops. Rockstar had not talked about the specifics but had told players that they will be getting some special DLCs. After every two days or so there will be new shirts for player characters on the festive season.

Heist Clothing

TwoDynamic, another YouTuber, posted that many players are getting Heist clothing as a part of the game. These include - bag, heist mask, checks shirt and more. He says this might be a glitch that has probably given players these things before the Heists DLC drops in 2015.  

When will it Snow?

Many YouTubers are speculating when Rockstar is likely to drop the snow in GTA 5 as it had promised it as part of the Christmas DLC.

Many believe that this could happen during the Christmas Day Eve, 24-25 December. But there are others who speculate that it will be coming only during 24, 25 and 31 December 2014 and 1 January 2015.

They also speculated that players might be getting a Cops N Crook mission before the Heist DLC roll-out.