GTA 5 Next-Gen
GTA 5 next-gen was released on 18 November,

GTA 5 has its own set of peculiarities and that is one of the reasons for its success and popularity. Some new details have come in from players and YouTube user.

Players have suggested that their online mode has issues when they try to join sessions or sent invite for others to join sessions. There have been rumours of a new character called Jeff who is reportedly coming via Heists DLC for GTA 5 online. There is also a list of five glitches in the game.

Online Gameplay for Some Broken

There have been reports of the online gameplay in GTA 5 on being broken for some players. YouTube user TwoDynamic reported that he and some of his friends had problems when they were playing. They faced issues where friends cannot join him or vice verse and when he wants to join the session it would ask him to complete the tutorial, which had already been completed.

He shows us that when he tries to join his friends to a session or wants to send an invite, both the options say they are disabled and when he goes ahead , click on it, an alert message pops up asking him and his friends to "complete the GTA Online Tutorial and have a valid online character".

The issue was visible in last-gen consoles and PlayStation 4.

Disappearance of Vehicles in Garage

TwoDynamic also tells that some players are facing issues where all the vehicles worth millions disappeared from the garage.

Top 5 Glitches

1. Character Flying Glitch/ Glide Glitch

The glitch is visible when players get into any of the train carriages. Then try to get the character to crouch up by the wall of the carriage, now go to Interaction Menu> Enable Passive Mode> Disable Passive mode. Now players will see a timer and when the timer goes down, then players will see floating in the air.

2. Breaching the Eclipse Towers Glitch

Now players need to get a motorbike and go to the Eclipse Towers. Players have to speed up and pull a wheelie. They need to do it near the entrance of the building, they also need to fall off the bike when they do it. This will lead players to breach inside the Eclipse Towers.

3. Money Glitch

This glitch was works only on new-gen consoles. Players need to buy as many as possible rat-loaders, they need to get a full garage of these. Take a rat-loader to Los Santos Customs. It is seen that the car sells for a lesser price than the purchase price. So they need to upgrade it. They must go to Suspensions section and hold up on the D-Pad for 10 seconds. Next go to the Horn section, players will see a free horn in the Horn section - they will get Sad Trombone, which is the most expensive among the Horns for free. Players have to select this horn.

Doing this will increase the selling price of the vehicle to 16600 GTA money. By repeating this trick, players will be making more money.

(NOTE: Money Glitches could get player banned)

4. Boxing Glove Glitch

This glitch works on both next-gen and last gen consoles. Players have to get an ATV. They have to set the helmet on their hand as a motorcycle helmet. Then they have to go to the Interaction Menu> Inventory> Accessories> Helmets. Now select (set) the helmet you want. After this, exit the Interaction Menu. Players must not have any helmet until u get on the ATV. Now wear helmet and go to the First Person Mode, now get down from the ATV and walk a bit.

Players will have to time this perfectly - Now when you about to take off the Helmet, hit the white button and get on the ATV. Now when you turn to the third person mode, it will be on the hand. This helmet can be used as a boxing glove.

5. Breach a building Glitch

Players have to get a medium sized vehicle, now take a reverse and place the back of the vehicle near a door. Now get on the vehicle's roof, go to the left side of the door edge and jump upside. As players get on the top, they would have breached the building.

[Source: TwoDynamic]

Jeff DLC Character Leak

The upcoming Heists DLC is likely to have a new character called Jeff, who was apparently leaked ahead of the launch. Though there isn't much information on the Jeff character.

He was found in a story mode of GTA 5. If players see the Wiki page, it is seen that there is a character called Jeff Chartier who is seen accompanying Dom and Franklin on their missions, so he has been their accomplice.

Meanwhile, Rockstar has recently promised players that Heists DLC will be arriving before the PC version of GTA 5. The PC version will be available on 24 March 2015.