GTA 5 Next-Gen
GTA 5 next-gen was released on 18 November,

Players of Rockstar's GTA 5 next-gen have always tried to find out new things in the game. Below are some of the feats by players.

YouTuber DomisLive has posted a video that guides us on how to get a Railgun in GTA 5 Online. Players must set their console to PlayStation 4 > Rockstar Social Club > GTA Online > Jobs > Host Job > Book mark > Capture > YouTube/CarlosCoDHD

Now once players enter it, go to mission lobby and invite friends. In the settings, players must go to Lock Weapons where they have to change it to Owned + Pickups, this will help in picking up the Railgun.

Now when one enters the mission, players will have to kill one of the enemies who has a Railgun. Next players will have to 'pick up' a suitcase and 'capture' it. And the game will have ended.

Once the game is over, players must select the Free Mode, this will spawn players in a session, and once players are spawned, they can see that they will be holding a Railgun in their hands.

Players must note that there will be a minimum number of bullets in the Railgun, so they have to use it judiciously.

Hoax Heist DLC Website Busted

DomisLive further claims that a hoax website, shows a new DLC titled The Obey and Survive Update will be rolling out on 7 December 2014. However, this DLC stands busted since there was no such thing that came out.

However, now the statement on the website reads, "This site's purpose was to generate a discussion among the GTA Online community for police related content and demonstrate to Rockstar Games that this is something worth investigating in."

Top 4 Cops N Crooks DLC Missions

DomisLive picks up four top Cops N Crooks DLC missions that have been leaked.

1. Prison Van Rescue Mission

2. Weapons Deal

3. Steal Hostage

4. Steal Artefact