GTA 5 PC was released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

Rockstar Games, the company behind the success and popularity of GTA 5, has released some details regarding the game during the recent Q&A Newswire. It was released previously for PS4 and Xbox One.

There are many players who have played the game on the console edition, but have not moved on to play it on PC version of the game.

Rockstar revealed that players of the console version will get Rockstar Editor. However, since the console is unable to fit the Rockstar Editor as that of PC version, the company said it will be countering this situation with a special version for the consoles.

It also revealed its plans of bringing Lab Radio Station on all the four consoles, but will not be bringing Self Radio to the console editions since they will lead to hosting issues.

PC Mods

Rockstar clarified that its modding policy has not changed since GTA 4 and it has always been appreciative of the "creative efforts".

It further allayed fears of banning modders by saying, "Recent updates to GTAV PC had an unintended effect of making unplayable certain single player modifications. This was not intentional." It reiterated that no one has been banned for single player modifications and players should not worry about it.

But it said that it was concerned and was protective about GTA Online against modifications as many mods give players, "unfair advantage, disrupt gameplay, or cause griefing."

It also added that they can cause instability or affect the game in different ways.

God Mode Fix

On a question on the fix to the God mode exploits, it answered in a reassuring affirmative.

"We have always taken this issue very seriously and have people dedicated to addressing these problems when they arise. Unfortunately even a tiny minority of people cheating can have a negative impact on a larger population."

Rockstar said that it regularly adds fixes for some exploits and patches them as they progress.

No New Heists in the Pipeline

When asked if fans will see some new Heists in GTA 5, Rockstar said, "For those asking for more Heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it's not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional Heists like other Job modes and missions."

However, it added that there are some cool updates for GTA Online that will be available in the coming months.