Players have spotted files that are said to be of the new DLC single-player campaign for Rockstar Games' popular action-adventure video game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). The discovery consisted of DLC files for various missions designed for the game's three protagonists - Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

However, Gameranx reported that the files that were discovered on the GTAForums are most probably not real.

The rumor said that there would be numerous assassination missions that are to be added to the game. One of the main reasons that the discovery is believed to be fake is that a mission requires the players to create a Facebook account, whereas the game's has no Facebook in its fictional world. GTA usually uses another service called 'LifeInvader' in the game.

There has been no specific announcements and no details have been given out on the supposed single-player DLC for GTA 5 by its creators, Rockstar. Instead, the creator is likely to follow the tradition of releasing the first DLC packs, only after a year of the game's launch.

Rockstar is more focused on addition of expansions into its online multiplayer, GTA Online. It is also fixing the issue of exploits in the game.

Another forum member, funmw2 also had separately said that there were files in the Patch 1.08 that suggest of having assassination missions in the upcoming DLCs.

One of the users, SkyK6 detailed the discovery and following are the missions list (GTAForums):

  • Airport Takeover
  • Army Snipe (Assassination)
  • Arrest
  • Car Blow Up
  • Coke Chase
  • Cop Scanning
  • Cop Welcome
  • Country Bank Heist
  • Funeral
  • Police Station Bust Out
  • Prison Break
  • Showroom
  • Snitch
  • Steal Artefact From Base

Single Player Mission Creator

  • Car Steal 1
  • RC - Dale 1
  • Solomon 4 - Harrier
  • The Band 1
  • The Band 2
  • The Sharmoota Job 1B
  • The Sharmoota Job 2A - Night Stealth
  • The Sharmoota Job 2B - High Impact
  • The SHarmoota Job 2C - Clown Day Stealth