GTA 5: Hidden Camera New Camera Mode feature offering top-down view, and more, uncovered within GTA Online
GTA 5: Hidden Camera New Camera Mode feature offering top-down view, and more, uncovered within GTA OnlineRockstar Games

In good news to Grand Theft Auto a.k.a GTA 5 gamers, renowned YouTube game tipster MrBossFTW, via his new video, has now revealed about the existence of a new feature within GTA Online that is yet to be officially announced by Rockstar.

The tipster, in turn quotes another reliable GTA community member, and hints at the seeding of a new Camera Mode developed by Rockstar possibly for a future Adversary Mode. A new video, uncovered by MrBossFTW, also details the new yet-to-be-made official camera mode. 

From the video below, it is evident that the new camera mode would offer a bird's eye view of everything below in GTA Online. The video also shows that it is easy to switch between multiple camera angles in the top-down kind of view (offered by the new camera mode feature).

MrBossFTW, quoting the GTA community member, mentions about the current discreet availability of the camera mode which means that the members of the general public cannot access it at this point in time.

Another notable aspect about the camera mode is the fact that it works during on-foot combat as well, apart from offering creative aerial views of vehicles. Do note that this mode is different from the conventional helicopter view in GTA Online.

At this point in time, it is worth remembering that the legacy GTA versions came with the top-down/bird's eye view of things below rather than the modern third-person-shooter/first-person-shooter (fps) perspectives.

An advantage of the new camera mode, once publicly released, should be its ability to offer clear views when both players and enemies are crouched against walls while in hiding.

As far as public release of the new camera mode is concerned, rumour mills are abuzz indicating a potential Sept.17 release date coinciding with the 3rd year anniversary of GTA 5.

Finally, another aspect has also been added to GTA 5. As per available information, you can now sync after saving the progression in the Story Mode to the cloud. This feature is now said to function on Steam as well. New players on PCs should find this aspect really useful.