GTA Online
GTA Online was released on 17 September.rockstargames

Players on Rockstar Games' GTA 5 will keep finding ways to exploit some of the glitches in the video game. New video has surfaced showing how bodies can be used as a bullet to kill.

The video shows the glitches of GTA 5 and is equally hilarious too as players use themselves as bullets to kill their enemies, however, the sad part is that player has to make several attempts from sky to target a particular player and even then the on-target hit rate is very low. Moreover, the players who land on other players do not kill them, but are mildly hurt.

But, it has been observed that such targeted jumps do damage the enemy cars and significantly towards the end of the video we can also see that the human bullet blows up the car and kills couple of people, but there is not credit for such a kill in the game, Cinema Blend reported.

The creator said that players took off in helicopters and made the dive and this was created as a part of Team Deathmatch. He promised next time there will be more targets to hit.

(YouTube Courtesy: IGame4Charity)

Stun Gun Glitch in GTA Online

A YouTube user, iJordanb1409 has uploaded a new video that explains different ways of getting a Stun gun due to GTA Online glitch.

Players have to go to the in-game website, and select the Travel and Transport there. In the result page, players will get 'Warstock Cache & Carry,' and select this option.

Now head to the Rhino Tank and hover over the icon that says 'Buy it Now.' After hovering over, players will have hold 'Start' for a few seconds and when you let go press 'A' instantly, this will lead you to the pause menu. Now players will have to hover over 'Leave' GTA Online and then press 'Start' and will show an alert warning you of having insufficient funds.

Now again players will have to hold 'Start' for three seconds and then let go, and press 'A,' this will help you transition to the Game Store. Now this will automatically bring up the 'Warstock Cache & Carry.' Now go to the Barracks and buy it now. Now let it go, press 'A' and it will be bringing the pause menu, now press 'Start' and you will notice that you have insufficient funds and again press 'A.'

Players will again get the Pause menu and change to online, where players will be getting a Stun gun. If players do not have a Stun gun in their inventory, then they can go to Ammunition and buy it.

Watch the Video Below for More Clarity.

(YouTube Courtesy: iJordanb1409 | GTA Online)

Los Santos Invisibility Glitch

YouTube user, iCrazyTeddy has posted a video that showcased the Los Santos invisibility glitch. The user also explains that this glitch is not that rewarding, however, it is funny.

Players have to go the police station with a BMX bike. Players will have cycle across the walled slab and next the player gets pushed into a new world. Players will also see that the whole map will be invisible apart from the city square. However, only you will not be able to see the character.

(YouTube Courtesy: iCrazyTeddy)