GTA 5 is probably one of the best games we saw last year. While Rockstar's GTA series always manages to churn out brilliant open world offerings (barring GTA 4), the devs took it a few steps ahead with the release of the brand new GTA 5. And frankly, it's more than what we initially expected.

The Grand Theft Auto series of games have now become a household name. It's like this one ticket to do anything you want in the world. Sure, most of the things you end up doing in the game could have easily landed you in jail, but as long as it's virtual, morality can take a break.

Apart from all the things you can do in the new GTA, it also follows trend of harboring a few secrets within the game, and this also includes Easter eggs that are waiting for you to be explored. For example, the idea of Bigfoot in the game and to kill it as part of a mission.

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That said, they aren't always easy to find in the game. In fact, all the secrets and Easter eggs we are to talk about are scattered carefully around the world of Los Santos for you to do some exploring and eventually discovering. But this piece might help in the quest.

Terrible Women Drivers
Without annoying the feminist groups around the world, here's one of the secrets that GTA 5 holds within -- women are terrible drivers (not much of a secret, then). The folks over are Rockstar have made this inclusion of how women drivers perform in the newer version of the game. While not really in your face, but the way the entire thing has been portrayed in the game, Rockstar shows that a car ride with them can be equivalent to suicide. But it's also to be understood that this has been done just for the sake of parody and isn't meant to offend anyone. However, the usual depiction of women in GTA games is most of the times related to sex or mock.

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You Can Now Survive In-Car Gunfights
If there was one thing in the previously released GTA Vice City that majorly ticked us off was the fact that enemies could shoot you even through the windshields. This, as you may expect, resulted is major 'Wasted' screen popping in front of us more often than not. But with GTA 5, things have changed. You can now avoid gunfire while in the car just by pushing down the D-pad. And this combined with the first-person mode of the game doubles the fun.

The Liberator Monster Truck is Out There
The use of vehicles in the most extensive ways possible is one of GTA's forte. Apart from the fact that you can hijack any ride you want at any time, just by dragging the rightful owner out of it, the variation in the rides is something of a treat. From a simple convertible to a garbage truck to a tank, all are accessible. And now you have the equally destructive Liberator monster truck at your disposal. The Liberator was once a limited edition multiplayer add-on given out for Independence Day. However, Rockstar have still made the Liberator available in single player. All you need to do is head to the Rebel Radio building and the Liberator should be parked out front. You can't miss it. It's right next to the gigantic skull placed in the building.

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The Ghost of Mt. Gordo
Here's a tip. If you are more into horror movies and dark stuff, you might as well head over to Mt. Gordo sometime between 23:00 and midnight. You shall see the Grudge-esqe ghost that floats over on the edges of the mountain. Don't try going too close to her as she disappears, but instead use a scope to zoom in on her. Creepy!

Play As Any Animal You Want
Because being a human is too mainstream, anyway. If you remember correctly, the new GTA has this thing going on with drug abuse and peyote plants that you can make use to hallucinate. While most of the times you will end up hallucinating to be a bird, there are chances that you can even become a wolf, a dog or even a mountain lion (not to mention, a pig) to satisfy your more animal instincts. We even came across a certain kind of dog that you can hallucinate yourself into. And that lovable creature comes with insta-kill. But more on that, later. If Mt. Chiliad's peyote plants makes you a bird, the one found in La Puerta turns you into a wolf.

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Niko Belic in GTA 5?
We have, since a long time, ceremoniously deleted GTA 4 from our list of most played games. However, we were surprised to see that GTA 5 still remembers the main character Niko Belic from the previous game. While Belic isn't there in person, but he does gets mentioned in a cutscene where Lester remembers "an eastern European guy" from Liberty City. Also, perhaps the most solid presence of them all is Niko's page in LifeInvader (parody of Facebook) with his complete details, photos from his Liberty City adventures and Roman in his friend list.