GTA 5 single player DLC does not look as a possibility.Facebook

Even as many GTA 5 fans were brooding over the possibility of seeing a story DLC for the single player version of this popular and successful video game from Rockstar following a hint from GTA 5 voice actor Shawn Fonteno who had voiced Franklin, now, another voice actor, Ned Luke, who has voiced Michael, has told fans that he has no idea about any story DLC that Rockstar might be considering.

Earlier, many reports had supported the theory that Fonteno was hinting at a possible story DLC for single player version of GTA 5 when he posted a picture of him seated in Rockstar studio with motion capture suit.

Following fan frenzy, Rockstar had not confirmed about any new DLC of that kind. Many fans had thought that Rockstar had been giving out a lot of content to online version of GTA 5, but almost nothing to the single players.

Gamepur reported that Luke took to Facebook to reveal to fans that "EVERYBODY wants single player DLC... I know NOTHING about that. Don't know when it's gonna happen or even IF it's gonna happen. But I do know the boys are gonna try to get out to some conventions this year so we can finally meet so many of our fans that we have been unable to meet in the past."

Moreover, he added that he is not a person who would stick to non-disclosures, he also revealed, "Nobody telling me what I can and cannot say. I speak for myself. Period."

Or is Rockstar planning something entirely new? Is it possible that it is going for a new story and characters as the game moves into its fourth year.