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The record breaking action-adventure video game from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), had a Japanese nine-year-old boy fall sick after he played the game for three weeks stratight.

The boy was reportedly forced by his step-father, Maasa Kawabata, 28, to play the game for at least three hours daily and with no breaks in between for a period of three weeks, reported Weird Asia News.

It also claims that Kawabata was a nurse and was arrested in January 2014 on suspicion that he was harming the child's welfare. He, however, had wished for the child's death.

Kawabata had married, the child's mother in October 2012 and ever since had forced him to play video games when his mom was away since he thought the boy was "stupid," a "moron" and wanted him to "die."

The boy started to complain of being nauseatic and complained of headaches and stomach pain. It was diagnosed that the boy had a problem with his autonomic nervous system that was a result for the stress due to extended gameplay, resulting in fast heartbeats, high blood pressure and digestive tract malfunctions.   

The game has an 'M' (Mature) rating that means that a nine-year-old should not play the game at all.

Pet Dog Ownership

Many of GTA 5 Online players have started demanding the right to have a pet, like there is for the single player in GTA 5, where if a player plays as Franklin, he can own a pet dog named Chop.

There are even suggestions that Rockstar must introduce a chain of pet stores in Los Santos where players will be able to buy a pet. If the player kills the animal he has to be penalized for it and there is also a suggestion for a pet competition, reported Motoring Crunch.

People's expectations have risen over the rumored news of a possible 1.09 update to GTA Online. 

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