GTA 4 mods add variety to the

The newest iCEnhancer 3.0 mod upgrade to GTA 4 brings the game almost on par with its current counterpart, GTA 5.

Its creator, Hayssam Keilany, a technical artist has provided GTA 4 with an upgrade in the way the game looked with a lateset update, iCEnhancer 3.0. The mod is successful in giving it a much needed face-lift. Reports said the new look makes the game look better than GTA 5.

The new upgrade will enable players to get an improved look with better sky, clouds and better tree color and less flickering. It also comes in with fixed to invisible headlights. This update will provide players with faster bloom and a better motion blur.

A fan commented saying the new mod to GTA 4 does not necessitate buying the upcoming GTA 5 on PC, since it is so good.

Another important thing to notice is Rockstar is still developing GTA 5 for next-generation consoles and PC.

Also the modding community on the PC have been doing a commendable job. Though the game is about six years old, the popularity of the game has not declined.

When released, the mod's official website had crashed owing to the traffic. Advice for players suffering low frame-rates was also provided - "If you experience low frame-rate. Take a look at the 'icenhancer_config.txt' - it'll contain enough stuff to improve the performance. By default, it's on high quality. Reduce the godray quality, mostly to medium or low."

Interested players can download the patch here.

Complete Changelog for GTA 4 iCEnhancer 3.0 Patch:

  • Better sky
  • Better clouds
  • Less bright bloom in dark areas
  • Better tree colors and less flickering
  • Includes a fix for invisible headlights
  • Includes a different dirt texture

(YouTube Courtesy: Hayssam Keilany)

Now take Selfie's in GTA 4 via New Mod

Players of GTA 4 can now take selfies of themselves in the game with the help of the new gaming mod.

The new mod was posted by modding blog, GTA X Scripting (via Kotaku) brings in more fun to the game. When GTA 5 released, players were able to take selfies of their character in the game but this was not present in GTA 4. The modders took it upon them and have now fixed it.

GTA 4 players are now able to take pictures and videos of themselves when they are doing something.

(YouTube Courtesy: GTA X Scripting)

Spider-Man enters GTA 4

Taltigolt , an expert in mods revealed that scripters Bob Lester and JulioNIB brought Spider-Man into GTA 4. They have used AC Amir's Spider-Man skin.

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)

Have a look at the other Superheroes that have already invaded GTA 4 game:

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)