Is George St-Pierre fit enough to return for a superfight?Reuters

It's the one fight several MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) enthusiasts have wanted to from time immemorial ever since the UFC entered into 2000s. Both the decorated martial artists have reached the pinnacle of their career and are over their peak, but to see a superfight take place between the two is not over yet.

Three people need to take a call to make the fight official -- UFC President Dana White, MMA legend Anderson Silva and yet another MMA legend GSP (George St Pierre).

According to several reports, the mega fight, which is absolutely the one of its kind, has been booked for UFC 206, scheduled to take place in Canada in December. It all started when Kalyl Silva, the son of Anderson, posted a cryptic post on his Instagram account showcasing the two veteran UFC stars, side by side and captioning the photo: "Christmas month should be exciting."

The development has raised a lot of curiosity among the MMA circles and White was soon asked to give his take on whether the big fight is indeed going to be official in some days. As usual, the businessman shrugged off the news mentioning it as another rumour.

"GSP vs Anderson? That's not true. That's so not true," White said interview with BT Sport. "I know everybody keeps talking about it — GSP isn't even close [to return to fighting]. I'm telling you again, I don't think GSP wants to fight. I keep saying this. You guys know fighters as much as I know fighters, do you think GSP wants to fight?"

"GSP wasn't crazy about fighting when he was fighting," White continued. "Now three years later he's just dying to fight? He's not. I don't think he is. That fight is definitely not gonna happen. I just don't think GSP ever returns. For some reason he's got his own person reasons — he likes to keep his name out there like he might be coming back and everybody is anticipating his return, but at the end of the day I don't think he wants it."

While Anderson Silva, 41, fought last inside the UFC octagon on July 9 this year, GSP, 35, fought his last MMA fight in November 2013.