Days after Sion Hospital horror, a video showing several bodies lying on the bed next to patients in another Mumbai hospital has once again exposed the country's fragile health system struggling to cope during the coronavirus pandemic.

The video, shared by BJP leader Nitesh Rane, is from KEM Hospital in Mumbai. In the horrifying footage, bodies wrapped in blue plastic are seen lying next to patients undergoing treatment. It appeared one of the patients shot the video on his mobile phone.

KEM Hospital bodies next to patients
Screengrab of the video showing bodies wrapped in blue plastic next to patients undergoing treatment.Twitter/NitishRane

"KEM hospital today at 7 am! I think the @mybmc wants us to get used to seeing dead bodies around us while taking treatment bcz they just don't want to improve!" the BJP leader wrote on Twitter, along with the video.

"Feel bad for the health workers too who hv to work in such conditions!! Is there any hope?" he asked in the same tweet. The KEM hospital in Mumbai is a dedicated state-run coronavirus facility in the city.

A similar incident at Sion Hospital in Mumbai

Earlier last week, Rane had also shared a similar video from Sion Hospital in Mumbai showing bodies next to coronavirus patients. The only thing that was different in that video was the color of plastic (black) used to wrap the bodies.

The video triggered public outrage with a section of people criticizing Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray over the state of the health system in the state.

Pramod Ingale, dean of the hospital, blamed the relatives of the dead for failing to collect the bodies. He said the bodies were left in the ward as there was no space left in the morgue. Ingale has since been removed from his position as dean of the hospital.