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Grizzly bears generally hibernate for seven months every year. But American experimental indie rock band Grizzly Bear had taken hibernation to the next level after releasing their fourth studio album, "Shields." The band -- Chris Bear, Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen and Chris Taylor -- remained inactive on social media for almost a year. They did not release any new material in four years and also have not performed live in the past couple of years.

Now it seems like the band is back and that too with a bang. Not only have they bagged a performance at U.S. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' New York rally this weekend, the band also announced that they will start working on a new album starting May 2016. "We are starting to record the new album next month with tons of songs! Thanks so much to all of you all that still care! We are ready to unleash a fresh album," tweeted the band.

The fact that Grizzly Bear is taking a different direction with their new album was hinted first in April last year by vocalist Droste. He said in an interview that the band is planning to be a bit more adventurous with sound in the upcoming record. Whatever they may sound like in their fifth studio effort, it will definitely be an anticipated one as their previous LP was successful both critically and commercially.

Grizzly Bear is known to support Bernie Sanders' campaign for quite some time now and Droste explained why in a recent Instagram post. He said: "Never before have I felt so inspired by a candidate's purity and integrity. This election had forced me to learn and educate myself in a way like no other has."