In the latest episode of Fox's "The Grinder" titled "A Bittersweet Grind," it seems after making desperate attempts to gain the attention of Claire, Dean is finally going to find his true love.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Dean, frustrated at not finding love, has his belief in romance restored when he reconnects with a former girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Deb tries to convince uptight Stewart to allow Lizzie to go on a supervised date. Stewart finally agrees to it, though he is reluctant and tells Lizzie to return before nine.

Dean has been trying his luck with Stewart's associate, Claire, for quite a long time. Though Claire finds him an interesting person, none of her actions suggests that she may be interested in him more than as her colleague.

Frustrated, Dean decides to give up. However, just when he thinks it is over, an unexpected person enters his life who is none other than Dean's former girlfriend.

Hopeful to start a new relationship with her, Dean takes her on a date. However, with the rising workload and Stewart making constant pressure on him, things are not going as he planned and he may have to reconsider about his plans.

Besides, his former girlfriend is not sure to get into a relationship with him again in such a hurry as the last time when they broke up, things turned pretty nasty between them.

In the previous episode titled "Little Mitchard No More," Dean continued to make romantic advances at Claire and tried to get close to her by helping her work on a case involving a school bully.

Elsewhere, Stewart was under suspicion that his neighbours, the Gerharts and Vanessa, are only being friendly with him and Debbie because they are related to Dean.

So far, life is going fine for Dean since he joined his brother's law firm leaving his acting career behind. However, how long it is going to be fine will be revealed only in the future episodes.