Fans of Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) can stay away from "Grimm" season 5 as there are no sign of her returning to the show when it returns on NBC at 8pm on Friday, 30 October.

While the followers of the supernatural series are still hoping to see their favourite character anytime soon on screens, cast member David Giuntoli teased that creators have no plans to bring Silverton back. The actor revealed that they have "already shot pretty deep into the season" and they have "seen no sign of her".

"When a supernatural show proves to its audience that its characters are mortal and can indeed die, it ups the stakes. If we know our people can survive anything, what's the point of toying with their fates? We don't want to be that show that can fix anything, including death, with the perfect potion," TV Insider quoted him as saying.

The actor even teased that detective Nick Burkhardt "starts [the season] in an extremely dark place" and no longer cares about police protocol or his job. "He's 99 percent Grimm and out for revenge against the Wesen world," informed Giuntoli.

In a similar vein, creator David Greenwalt revealed that season 5 of "Grimm" will mainly focus on the rise of the Wesen and "there's going to be a big movement going on there," according to TV Line.

Meanwhile, Rosalee Calvert's (Bree Turner) drug addiction will play a vital role in the upcoming season and might bring a new challenge for her relationship with Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).

The synopsis of premiere, titled 'The Grimm Identity', read: "Season 5 will pick up with Nick (David Giuntoli) coping with the death of his former love Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) and the return of Agent Chavez (Elizabeth Rodriguez). He also has to deal with being a single father — Adalind (Claire Coffee) is definitely having Nick's baby".