Grimmsters continue to urge NBC for the renewal of Grimm.Facebook/Grimm

The followers of "Grimm" will have to wait a little longer to watch their favourite cast members, including Nick Burkhardt and Juliette Silverton, on screen as the series is now scheduled to air its next season in January 2017.

After announcing the premiere date for Season 6, NBC has revealed that the show will come to an end with the sequel. The news undoubtedly disappoints many of the fans who were expecting more from the supernatural series.

Yet, the assurance of cast member David Giuntoli that the police procedural drama will wrap up with a really cool ending as raised hopes in the minds of the viewers. "Our writers will be able to give us a really cool ending. We have time to wrap it up in a wonderful, perfect way, for all of our characters. We will go out big and we will go out strong," said the actor during an interview with TV Insider.

However, the series finale might letdown fans of Nick and Juliette as actress Bitsie Tulloch has teased a happy ending for the protagonist and Adalind Schade. "From my point of view Eve doesn't need a man so if she ends up single or with someone else, then more power to her," Showbiz Junkies quoted the actress as saying.

Meanwhile, Giuntoli has revealed that Season 6 will begin with a "real melee" between his character and Captain Sean Renard, who will rise to power and become the big bad man. Grimmsters can also expect to watch the transformation of Eve to Juliette as Tulloch teased that it could be one of the main storylines of Season 6.

Apart from all the above, speculations on a "Grimm" spinoff series is also doing the rounds. However, it remains to be seen whether it will revolve around Jacqueline Toboni character Theresa Rubel a.k.a Trubel or the family life of Monroe and Rosalee Calvert.