The Season 6 of NBC's supernatural drama "Grimm" will premiere on Friday, Oct. 28, actress Bitsie Tulloch, who portrays the character of Eve/Juliette in the series, confirmed through a recent Facebook Live video.

According to Carter Matt, the sixth season of the series will have at least 13 episodes. The website also stated that the airing schedule of Season 6 episodes will determine NBC's plans for the show's future. Hence, fans should pay a close attention to it.

"If they opt to release episodes every week, especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it will suggest more that they are just burning through the stories. If they are more patient in how they choose to air them, it may mean that they are looking to keep the show around a while," the website mentioned.

Several reports have claimed that Season 6 will be the last of the long-running series and, according to Yibada, it might get cancelled after this as fans are growing tired of the show's repetitive and slow-paced storyline.

In an interview with TV Insider, David Giuntoli, who portrays the character of Nick Burkhardt, also admitted that Season 6 might be the show's last season, pointing out that network TV shows usually run up to six seasons.

However, he also hinted that the show may get renewed for two more seasons after Season 6. He assured that whatever happens, fans will get a satisfying finale.

"Nothing lasts forever. But here's the exciting thing about that: Our writers will be able to give us a really cool ending. We have time to wrap it up in a wonderful, perfect way, for all of our characters. We will go out big and we will go out strong," Giuntoli said.

Giuntoli further added that given the popularity of the show, NBC might request two more episodes for this season, making it a total of 15 episodes.