NBC police procedural drama series "Grimm" has always been loved by its fans for its unique storyline and unexpected plot twists. So viewers can expect new surprises in Season 6, and one of them could be Juliette Silverton's baby.

As of now, the supernatural drama is expected to focus on Nick Burkhardt and Captain Sean Renard's relationship in the first few episodes of the upcoming season. While the creators have already revealed that the friendship between the two is unlikely, Giuntoli teased that the ties between Renard and his character will be complicated.

"We finished off with stare down and there is anger. We've read the first three scripts [of season 6]. We're not friends in the first three scripts," said the cast member in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

In a similar vein, cast member Bree Turner, who portrays Rosalee Calvert in the supernatural series, stated that Nick and Renard will be "enemies" rather than "frenemies" in "Grimm" Season 6.

In the meantime, speculations suggest that the upcoming season will also focus on the love triangle between Giuntoli's character, Adalind Schade and Juliette. While dishing out a few details about her character, cast member Bitsie Tulloch stated that Season 6 will explore whether Juliette will be "creeping back in or not". The actress even teased that she could be the next mom in the show.

Meanwhile, grimmsters can expect to watch the first directorial venture of actor Giuntoli, as Tulloch has shared photos and videos of her co-star donning the director's hat. "First day of filming @nbcgrimm Season 6! Came to set to watch my man's first day directing. He's killing it!" she tweeted.

Giuntoli will be leading the cast and crew for the third episode of "Grimm" Season 6, titled "Oh Captain, My Captain". The supernatural natural drama series is scheduled to premiere its sixth season by end of October.