Season 5 of NBC's supernatural drama series "Grimm" ended with several cliffhangers, and fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the series soon.

However, they might be a bit disappointed to learn that instead of the usual 22 episodes, the sixth season of the series will only have 13 episodes. According to Deadline, the network has decided to trim the number of episodes in order to plan for its fall 2016 schedule.

In an interview with TV Line, executive producer of the series David Greenwalt said: "We're assured of 13 [episodes], which is more than half the season. There may or may not be more episodes. It may or may not be the last season. These are things we don't yet know. We're certainly thinking of arcs for next year, and then [the episode order] will determine how long it takes to do that."

The website has reported that contrary to several rumours surfacing over the internet, there won't be a time jump between the seasons. There is a significant possibility that Nick and Adalind's relationship will be explored in the next season, especially when Juliette possesses a threat to them and Diana's presence might also affect Nick adversely. The website also hinted that Renard might be the new antagonist after the death of Bonaparte.

Talking with TV Insider, David Giuntoli hinted that Season 6 might be the last season of the series.

"I would imagine this will be our last season," he said. "In network TV, six seasons seems to be what hit shows generally run. We've also heard we might do two more shortened seasons. But either way, we're getting to the end. Nothing lasts forever. But here's the exciting thing about that: Our writers will be able to give us a really cool ending. We have time to wrap it up in a wonderful, perfect way, for all of our characters. We will go out big and we will go out strong."

The official air date of "Grimm" Season 6 is yet to be announced by NBC.