Grimm, the popular police procedural drama series on NBC, will be back with its final sixth season by January 2017 and speculations are rife about the fate of Nick Burkhardt and Adalind Schade.

The two characters, portrayed by David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee, managed to win hearts with their onscreen chemistry in season 5. Many of their followers are eager to watch them together again in season 6 and they shared their excitements on the official Facebook page of the show.

Expressing his concerns for the onscreen couple, an admirer of Grimm wrote, "I like Nick and Adalind together as a family with Kelly. I don't know how that will work out now with Diana in the picture and Renard pulling them apart."

"I like him and Adelaide together they have good chemistry. So I'm really hoping they don't put those to back together!" another follower of the NBC show said.

Adding to their excitements, cast member Bitsie Tulloch teased that Nick and Adalind might end up together. "Eve does not view Nick as hers anymore. She doesn't want him in her life," TV Insider quoted her as saying.

However, actress Claire Coffee hinted at her character's demise towards the end of Grimm season 6. "After last season I think they've shown that nobody is safe. You know, I would prefer her to stay alive. I would prefer to end the series alive. That would be my preference. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake," she said while interacting with a representative of Showbiz

So it remains to be seen how the creators of Grimm are planning to put an end to the love triangle between Juliette Silverton a.k.a Eve, her ex-boyfriend Nick and Adalind towards the finale of season 6.