Will Nick be attracted towards Henrietta in 'Grimm' season 4 episode 14 titled 'Bad Luck'?Screenshot/Video

"Grimm" season 4 is around the corner and NBC has fanned the curiosity of viewers through its latest teaser. An exclusive clip of the 14th episode titled "Bad Luck" includes a shocking liplock sequence between Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and Henrietta (Garcelle Beauvais).

The sequence could be a dream of Henrietta or a nightmare of Juliette Silverton (Bitsie Tulloch) but fans are not convinced. While some were eager to know about the detective's new partner, few were angry with him and expressed their hatred in the comments section.

The messages ranged from "Roh-oh did I see Nick kissing someone else??", "Nicks kissing someone else. Who is it?", to "I'm hating on Nick right now". 

Meanwhile, few "Grimm" fans were optimistic about Burkhardt and Silverton's romantic relationship. "I know who Nick is kissing...the lady that Sean told Juliette to go to when she became a hexen biest. Maybe it has something to do with changing Juliette back...?" they wrote.

Although it is not clear whether Silverton's new look as a hexenbiest will change her and Burkhardt's life forever or not, viewers are expecting them to be together.

The 30-second-long sneak peek video of episode 14 shows an uncontrollable hexenbiest, who crosses all her lines to lead a normal life. She is seen screaming, "I want my life back and if I don't get it you better watch out." So viewers can watch an aggressive Silverton in the upcoming episode of the supernatural series.

NBC will air "Grimm" season 4 episode 14 titled "Bad Luck" this Friday, 20 March, at 8pm.