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With so much drama taking place in the Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 3, the ABC show returns with its new episode promising little joys of life. The new episode will have three women in focus – Amelia, Meredith and Arizona.

Although Amelia and Meredith's storylines for this season have been defined right from the first episode, fans will finally see Arizona come to the forefront in episode 4. Read on to know more about tonight's episode.

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Starting with Amelia and Meredith, Owen's wife is seen in the new promo with a bald spot. The neurologist is headed for a scary surgery after she was diagnosed with a tumour. The official synopsis reveals that though scared, Amelia will have her sisters Meredith and Maggie for support.

"With her sisters Meredith and Maggie there for moral support, Amelia shaves part of her head in preparation for her brain surgery. "Kinda makes you look fierce!" Maggie tells her once it's done," the description of the promo reveals.

On the other hand, Meredith has an awkward encounter with Megan as the women discuss about Nathan. In another teaser clip shared by the channel, Meredith tells Megan that she was the one who sent Nathan to her. "....and I sent him to you. Pretty firmly," Meredith tells before Megan chuckles and admits, "I think we broke his brain."

Finally coming to Amelia, US Blasting News reports that a new love interest is expected to enter the doctor's life. Who will it be? Well, [OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS AHEAD] it is going to Andrew DeLuca's sister Carina DeLuca played by Stefania Spampinato who will be joining Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Apart from her, TV Line reveals that six new cast members will be joining the cast of Grey's Anatomy in the role of interns this week. They include Jake Borelli, Rushi Kota, Jaicy Elliot, Alex Blue Davis, Jeanine Mason and Sophia Taylor Ali.

So, are you ready for some more drama?

Here are all the viewing details you need to know:

Air date: Oct 12

Air Time: 8/7c on ABC.

Watch/stream online: You can watch it here (for US viewing only).