Martin Henderson
Will Meredith-Nathan hookup upset Maggie? Pictured: Cast member Martin Henderson poses at a photo call for the movie Reuters

There isn't much information on what will happen to Nathan and Meredith's relationship in the upcoming season of "Grey's Anatomy," considering Season 12 ended with Maggie revealing she has started developing feelings for the new doctor. Maggie is yet unaware that Meredith has been hooking up with Nathan, and it looks like there will be some strain between the sisters when the medical drama returns in the fall.

As for Nathan's relationship with Ellen Pompeo's character, Martin Henderson recently revealed that they might develop a stronger connection, as both of them have suffered losses in the past. "I think that's always really powerful between a couple," Henderson told TVLine. And it "may be fertile ground for them to actually have a relationship with some meaning."

However, there's also the possibility that nothing serious might develop between the couple. "Nathan is irreverent and kind of calls Meredith on her s—, and that might be really good for her, because he doesn't take [things] all that seriously.

"It might be nice for her," he added, "to have the opportunity to actually lighten up a bit around some stuff."

When Pompeo was earlier questioned about her take on the future of Nathan-Meredith romance, she too appeared doubtful if the duo will become a couple or if they'll continue hooking up.

"I'm not sure if the relationship, the sexual relationship, is going to continue or not," Pompeo told TVLine. "I think maybe they want to give the fans a little taste and see how they react first, and then they will decide what to do. Shonda is sort of savant in that way. She just gets these ideas, and she's very, very confident about what direction she wants her characters to go in. So maybe she has a plan for next year."

If and when Maggie comes to know about her sister's affair with Nathan, she is definitely going to be heartbroken.

"Grey's Anatomy" returns to ABC this fall.