In another month's time, ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" will be returning to television with a brand new episode, and actress-director Debbie Allen recently took to Twitter to reveal that the first episode of the season will be "hot."

Season 13 episode 1 is titled "Undo," and the episode is being directed by Allen. And on Aug. 22 she took to Twitter, writing: "Ayyyeee!!!! Let's go #GreysAnatomy! It's gonna be HOT!" Shortly after the title of the premiere was revealed, fans started speculating about the plot and many believed that it could deal with the reunion of estranged couple April and Jackson, who welcomed a baby in the Season 12 finale.

While that's clearly a possibility, some believe it could deal with a Meredith-Alex hook up. As fans saw in the previous season, Alex seemingly broke up with Jo after she rejected his marriage proposal and Meredith too found herself in a sticky spot after Maggie revealed that she was interested in Nathan, who hooked up with Meredith in Season 12. Would Meredith and Alex find solace in each other?

Recently, actress Kelly McCreary, the actress who plays Maggie, revealed in an interview with TVGuide that the next season would focus on the original members, which include Meredith, Alex, Bailey and Richard.

"After such a long period of time and so many new people coming in and out, they remain the foundational characters of the show," McCreary said. "We're gonna be spending some more time with them to check in with where they are. The way that we spent time with Meredith last season, exploring the major shift in her life, the loss of Derek (Patrick Dempsey), I think we can expect to see those doctors being explored where they are in this moment, all these years later, the changes that they've gone through."

"Grey's Anatomy" will return to ABC on Sept. 22.