Things are heating up in Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital now that the Season 12 finale of "Grey's Anatomy" is just around the corner, and according to a new report, the medical drama will kill off a character before it winds up the season.

A death on "Grey's Anatomy" isn't shocking, but because there hasn't been any clarity on who dies, fans are worried, with many pointing out that Ellen Pompeo's Meredith is the only character who is guaranteed to stick around.

Based on a recent interview, Jerrika Hinton, who plays Stephanie, had with Cosmopolitan, it looks like she will somehow be involved in the death. As for who dies, it could be her romantic interest Kyle Diaz. "There's a plot point that happens close to the end of the season, where Stephanie makes a decision that I, as an actor, as a human being [would not make]," Hinton said. "I got on the phone with the writers a lot, and I was like, 'You're really having her do this?'"

As quite a number of fans have pointed out, Stephanie and Kyle's relationship is reminiscent of Izzy and Denny's and many have been wondering if Hinton's character would do an Izzy and put her job on the line to save her lover's life.

At this point, all this is mere speculation, and we'll have to wait until the penultimate episode to find out what really happens.

As for what else fans can expect as the season comes to an end, TVLine reported that Meredith and Amelia's relationship will once again be strained, and Derek, who is dead and gone, might be the root cause. Elsewhere, Alex and Jo will get a clarification on the status of their relationship, Callie and Arizona will continue their custody battle and surprisingly, Jackson and April will come to an understanding on how to move forward.

"It's a really emotional episode," Kelly McCreary told TVLine about the season finale. "It's all about matters of the heart, and the culmination of a lot of challenges that we've seen in the major relationships, [especially] April and Jackson, Callie and Arizona, and Owen and Amelia."

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays on ABC.