The focus is back on relationships on this week's episode of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy."

Based on the promos for "I Choose You", April and Jackson could be heading for a divorce. The previous two episodes saw Jackson making it clear that he has no interest in furthering their relationship, but April wasn't ready to give up.

Thursday's episode will see Jackson presenting April with an eviction notice, and the two have a row when April refuses to leave the home she shared with her husband.

"I'm not leaving," April tells Jackson. "Because I told you that I'm not giving up. If you want to trade nights on the couch we can do that but I'm not moving out of my home."

Frustrated, Jackson says it's his name on the lease, and he wants her gone as soon as possible. April attempts to soothe things over saying although marriage is hard, she wasn't ready to stop.

 "You do. You do just stop," Jackson replies."You know what they call that? Divorce."

Jackson and April's marriage might be over, but Jo and Alex are just about to take the next step in theirs, based on the promo.

It looks like Jo could be pregnant and she is hesitating to tell Alex the wonderful news. One scene shows Jo confessing to Stephanie about keeping a secret from Alex, and the next we see of her, Jo is asking Alex if he wants children.

Besides Alex-Jo and Jackson-April's relationship, viewers will also get to see a glimpse of Maggie's life before she joined Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. This week's episode will see her getting a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend, forcing Maggie to think about her future.

The synopsis of "I Choose You" reads:

When Maggie gets an invitation to her ex-boyfriend's wedding, she starts to reevaluate her choices; Bailey's loyalty falls into question; Jo opens up to Stephanie about a secret; Alex must make a decision that will affect the lives of two babies.

"Grey's Anatomy" is aired Thursdays on ABC.