Thursday's episode of ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" is a two-hour special that will see certain Grey Sloan doctors making life-altering decisions.

Based on the summaries of the two episodes that will be aired over two hours, viewers can expect a lot of relationship drama. While April and Jackson put their differences aside for the sake of their unborn baby, Ben and Bailey's relationship will be strained after her superior position gets in the way of their married life.

Warning: This article contains potential spoilers

According to the synopsis of "It's A Fine, Fine Line," Ben will land in hot water after he performs surgery on a pregnant mother without proper surgical equipment. Ben hasn't followed protocol and this will force Bailey to take action against him.

In the second hour, titled "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)," viewers will see Arizona and Callie butting heads when Jessica Capshaw's character takes a decision that could change their lives forever. According to TVLine, this decision has something to do with Callie's desire to move to New York City with Penny.

"Callie will indeed mull moving to New York with Penny. But what's interesting is that as she ponders that big decision, I hear she will take into consideration not just its potential impact on Sofia, but on Arizona, too," TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich pointed out.

Understandably, fans aren't too thrilled with Callie's intention to move away with Penny, as a majority of them feel the couple lacks the chemistry that made Callie and Arizona a great couple. Naturally, fans are now holding on to hope that this decision to move away will make Callie realise how much she wants to be with Arizona.

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