Season 12 of "Grey's Anatomy" is slowing winding up, and the show has released the synopsis for the final episode of the season. Season 12 episode 24 is titled "Family Affair" and it will reportedly see Meredith and Maggie helping Amelia, who is giving her relationship with Owen yet another shot, on an important day. Callie and Arizona will be dealing with the after-effects of their custody battle and Jo will reveal that she has been keeping secrets from her boyfriend Alex.

The season finale will supposedly feature a scene shot at St.Luke's of the Mountains Episcopal Church and, according to sources present at the location, Kevin McKidd, Sarah Drew and Debbie Allen were all spotted wearing bright clothing, thereby ruling out the possibility of a funeral scene being shot at the church.

Interestingly, many fans believe the season will end with a wedding, and either Jo and Alex or Amelia and Owen will walk down the aisle. But fans of April and Jackson feel the church scene has something to do with the couple and they are holding out hopes for a reconciliation that would result in April and Jackson getting remarried.

Meanwhile, actor Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson, told TVLine that fans should prepare themselves for a "bigger climax" than last year's, which mainly focused on the aftermath of Derek Shepherd's death.

"This finale is outrageous," he said. "The stakes are very, very high, particularly for Jackson and April. There's a lot to be gained and there's a hell of a lot to lose."

Kelly McCreary, too, hinted at a grim finale, saying "there's definitely a potential disaster." She added: "There's a lot of disaster potential, let's put it that way."

The only person who seemed positive about the finale was actor Martin Henderson who noted that the episode is pretty positive overall. "There are a lot of positive things that come out of the final episode," he shared. "There's a lot of humour and some very funny scenes." Acknowledging that there's also "some tragedy," he noted, "It feels like it ends on a really upbeat and optimistic note."

"Grey's Anatomy" airs on Thursdays on ABC.